Maureen M. Travis Life Teen Award

About Maureen

At the time of her death on June 29, 2019, Maureen Travis had been a parishioner at Our Lady of Perpetual Help for 32 years. Maureen is remembered as a missionary disciple. Her mission was to love on everyone she came in contact with. She loved children as a catechist in our PSR program for as many years as her two children, Megan and Zach were enrolled.  Then she began to love on our teens and their parents serving as a Core Team member for Life Teen for upwards of 18 years.  She was also our photographer and card writer. Her cards followed our teens as they graduated and went on to careers, college, the military or elsewhere. Maureen would track them down and send them some love. 

When a retreat team for adults was formed, Disciples for Life, Maureen was the very first disciple on board. She served eleven years on the D4Life Team. Maureen was the driving force behind the Christmas Tea auction for multiple years after having served as the emcee and various other roles. For the 8 am Mass regulars, you might remember Maureen as the lady who sat over by the tabernacle and swayed back and forth as long as we were standing. If you sat near her, you would start to sway without realizing it. Today, when I catch myself swaying during Mass, I think of Maureen.

About the Award

In honor of her love and care for the youth of Our Lady, her husband set up an educational award fund to be distributed to one or two graduating high school seniors each year for post high school education or training, in a total amount of $500. (So $500 to one student or $250 to two students each). This money is to be used at the recipient’s discretion; fees, books, or other living expenses.


Do I have to be a parishioner of Our Lady of Perpetual Help to apply?

Yes. This fund was designated specifically to help the youth of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish.

Do I have to be actively involved in the LifeTeen program to be eligible?

No. This award is open to any graduating high school senior who is an active member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish.

Is this award only for students headed to college?

No! This award may be used by a student seeking any kind of post-secondary education. This includes, but is not limited to, college, trade school, apprenticeship programs, and even missionary work!

How much is this award worth?

A total of $500 will be distributed annually, to one or two recipients. (So $500 to one student or $250 to two students each)

What is this award to be used toward?

This money is to be used at the recipient’s discretion; fees, books, living expenses, or other miscellaneous expenses!

Is this a merit-based or needs-based award?

Merit and needs are both taken into account, but this award is not solely based on either. Rather, this award will be awarded to whoever is determined to be the most deserving of the applicants that year, based on the questions in the application and potentially an interview. The final recipient(s) will be decided by the youth minister, the core team, and the clergy of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

How can I contribute to this award fund?

This award is managed by the Catholic Foundation. You are welcome to contribute to increase the longevity of this award!

You may easily contribute online, directly through the Catholic Foundation website. Click here to donate online.

If you would like to write a check, it should be made payable to The Catholic Foundation and should include the Fund ID, which is #325KM. Checks can be mailed directly to the Catholic Foundation at 257 East Broad Street
Columbus OH 43215-3703.


One of Maureen’s favorite activities was photographing the crazy antics of Life Nights and retreats. She diligently printed and sorted through hundreds of photos, assembling them into packets to present to seniors upon their graduation from High School. The cherished gift of 4 years’ worth of pictures was followed a few months later with a care package sent to students at college. Such an outpouring of love and generosity! Maureen tucked an encouraging note in a box filled with snacks, silly toys, and a reminder that “her LT kids” were important and loved. She set the best example for what it means to be a “good and faithful servant.” God blessed the world with the gift of Maureen for 58 years. Let us thank Him by following Maureen’s example to live each day filled with generosity, love, and endless laughter.

Spending time with Maureen meant being wrapped in a loving embrace and laughing until your cheeks hurt. Maureen was the living, breathing definition of “joy.”

Got Questions?

If you have further questions about the Maureen M. Travis Life Teen Award, please contact us!