Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew

The Youth Minister

Casey McAndrew – AKA. “The Youth Minister”

Favorite hobby – Acting like I know how to build and fix things

Favorite Past time – Silence (I have 6 kids)

Life Goal – Bringing Jesus to the world!

Edge Youth Minister

Madison Maholm – Edge Youth Minister

Hey ya’ll! I’m Madison Maholm, I’m really loud, memorized the hoedown throwdown, love clouds, and nothings better than serving the Kingdom of God!

Favorite Food: Sushi and Strawberries

Why do youth matter? The youth are not the future of the church, they ARE the church! I’m passionate about the salvation of souls, and revealing the compassionate love of Jesus Christ to the world!

The Core Team


Who am I: I am a sister of 5 siblings, runner since 4 ever, owner of 3 pets, five feet 2, and lover of 1 amazing God!

Life Goals: to run across the US, skydive, visit the Holy Land, learn to surf, play the guitar, travel the world

Why I am on Core: I love God and I want others to experience the crazy adventure, joy, and truth of walking with God!


My name is Joshua Timothy Cook. I like long prayer walks through the woods. I enjoy cutting wood and fixing things like Madison’s car and Caseys tools. I own ducks and will share my eggs if you earn them. Jesus is my everything and one night Mary saved my life literally. Come to life teen if you want to hear more.


My name is Kenneth Davy. Most people call me Kenny. I’m an aspiring photographer that loves to see world through God’s great nature. Right now I am currently enlisted into the Army National Guard and a senior at The Ohio State University studying Public Policy Analysis. I am also involved in SPO, Buckeye Catholic, and ROTC at Ohio State. So, if you have any prayer requests let me know and I will help you fight any spiritual battle.

David Uhlenhake

Words I live by: “The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were mad for greatness” – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Things I enjoy: Too many things; prayer, quality time with people, running, dancing, playing music, public speaking, chess, running a business, reading, writing, four-wheeling, hunting, etc.
Goals:Grow my company to where it supports my vocations of getting to heaven, helping others get to heaven, and (God willing)  a balanced family life.


Hi my name is Monica! I’m a Damascus missionary who serves on core team. I love Jesus and singing and singing about Jesus! Why are cows such bad listeners? Because everything goes in one ear and out the udder 😉 That’s one of my favorite jokes! If you have any good ones, let me know! 


My name is Cameron Clutter. Most people just call me Cam. Oreos are my favorite snack, but only with milk. Green is my favorite color, but only sometimes. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut but then I found out you can’t breathe in space. So now I serve Jesus with my life and do super cool things in the in-between time. Like drum. Or record music. Or cook food. Or pray for free cars (true story). Or really just serve Jesus more in all of that. That’s all.