What curriculum do you use?

Our Lady of Perpetual Help follows the Common Core curriculum that has been adopted by the State of Ohio. We have additional standards set forth by the Catholic Diocese of Columbus. With a balanced curriculum, students receive an education that embraces a constructive and enriching atmosphere that emboldens students to discuss and live out the values upon which their education is based.

For more information on our curriculum please visit the Columbus Diocese curriculum and courses of study page.

Does our family have to be Catholic in order to attend Our Lady of Perpetual Help School?

Does Our Lady of Perpetual Help School offer tuition assistance?

What are the hours of the school day?

Our school day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM

Does Our Lady of Perpetual Help offer before and after school care?

Our BASE (Before and After School Enrichment) program is available for families seeking care before and after school. Our before care begins at 7 AM and ends at 7:30 AM. Our after care starts at the end of the school day and ends at 6 PM. There is an additional fee for families who wish to enroll in our BASE program. For more information, please contact Amanda Athey.

What services are available to those who have special needs?

The Intervention team at Our Lady of Perpetual Help strives to plan for the success of all students. We value the contributions from all members of our community and believe that everyone belongs. This does not look the same for all students, but through a variety of models, we work to provide a Catholic education for all those who have the desire. We have intervention specialists and aides that work with our students daily, as well as weekly visits from speech and occupational therapists.

What is the total enrollment of your school?

Our Lady of Perpetual Help school has 314 students enrolled for the 2019-2020 School Year.

How do I find out if my child is available for transportation?

Southwestern City Schools and Columbus City Schools provide transportation for students who attend Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. For more information please contact Southwestern City Schools Transportation at 614.801.8550 and Columbus City Schools Transportation at 614.365.5074.

What enrichment opportunities are available for students outside of the classroom?

What athletic programs are available at Our Lady of Perpetual Help?

Is there a Preschool/Pre-K program at Our Lady of Perpetual Help?

To whom can I speak to learn more information about Our Lady of Perpetual Help School?

Principal Julie Freeman and Enrollment Coordinator Brad Allen can be reached by phone at 614.875.6779. You can also reach Julie Freeman by email and Brad Allen by email.