Confirmation Sponsor Selection

Choosing a Sponsor

A Confirmation Sponsor is someone who stands up for you before the community, presents you to the bishop, and witnesses the anointing with the chrism. Every candidate for confirmation must have a sponsor. The following items are guidelines to help you choose a sponsor:

  • A Baptismal godparent is the first choice for a Confirmation Sponsor
  • A sponsor sees that the person to be confirmed acts as a true witness to Christ, faithfully fulfilling the obligations connected with Confirmation.
  • A sponsor should be at least 16 years of age and a confirmed Catholic who has received Eucharist and who leads a faith-filled life.
  • Parents may not be sponsors.
  • Ideally the sponsor should be a member of the same parish as the candidate. It should be someone who is available to the candidate frequently and who can offer continued interaction: love, advice, support, and witness. If a chosen sponsor lives a far distance from Grove City, a parent may stand in at the events prior to confirmation.

Confirmation Sponsor Selection

  • Understanding of Sponsor Eligibility

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If you have further questions, please contact Julie Dilley, Director of Religious Education.