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Children in a religious program

In normal times, Our Lady of Perpetual Help offers Catechesis of the Good Shepherd as our formation program for students in grades Preschool through 6th grade, and Edge as our formation program for students in 7th and 8th grade. However, because of the coronavirus and all its effects this year, we have decided to make PSR completely home-based this year. Registration is now open through August 31, 2020!

Dear Parents,

This year has been hard. Ridiculously hard. And as parents, it has been even harder for you than for most. There are no easy decisions, no easy answers for how to navigate this pandemic and all its effects. 

We want you to know that we see you. We hear you. We have taken very seriously the survey responses and the additional feedback we’ve received regarding what you’re doing to keep your families safe, and about how you feel regarding returning to Mass and other in-person activities. While watching Mass online isn’t a true substitute for being at Mass and receiving Our Lord, we completely understand why many of you aren’t ready to return yet. That’s why we’ve decided to make PSR completely home-based this year. 

We did note that many of you responded that you don’t feel prepared to teach your children the faith at home. We did not disregard that feedback when making this decision. In light of that feedback, we are going to do everything we can to empower you to truly be the primary educators of your child(ren)’s faith. 

Our goal is to support you in this important task, not to add one more thing to your already jammed-full plate of things that need to be done each week. We know that even though a lot of activities and extracurriculars are canceled, you’re somehow busier than ever. That’s why we want to provide a variety of resources so that your children can learn the faith at home however works best for them and their schedule. This means that faith formation is going to look a bit different from family to family this year, and that’s okay! We want to help you build up your domestic church, and just as no two church buildings are exactly the same, no two domestic churches are going to be exactly the same. But all of them will be beautiful!

Together, our main focus will be on options to help your family keep the Sabbath Holy even if you aren’t ready to go back to Mass.

Here is our basic program outline:

  • Families will receive calendars to help organize and select the options available each week for their family
  • Each child in Pre-K through 8th grade will receive a Pflaum Gospel Weekly to do each week.
  • These will be picked up quarterly as a packet from the church at drive-thru pick up parties—more info to follow!
  • Families will receive additional materials, resources, and activities to help support their family faith life (mini advent wreath for Advent! Items for setting up a home altar!) in the pickup party.
  • Each child will receive log-in information to access online resources and the digital edition of the weekly guide.
  • Students in grades 3-8 are expected to complete a short weekly online assessment via the Pflaum website. (Should only take 5-10 minutes per week)
  • Children and families will be given the opportunity to participate in virtual gatherings.
  • Sacramental formation will also be offered and families will be provided with everything they need to help form their children for these wonderful encounters with Christ. This will include additional materials in the quarterly pick-up packets and resources to help your child prepare. 

We do want to remind you that formation for First Communion and Confirmation are each a two-year process and your child must be enrolled in faith formation this year to celebrate the sacraments in 2021-2022 academic year. 

While we are sad to not be able to provide the exceptional Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Edge programs for your children this year, we are extremely excited to partner with you to build up your domestic church. And because our program will be all home-based this year, we have adjusted our fees as shown: 

PSR Tuition:

First Child: $50.00
Each Additional Child: $25.00
Sacramental Fee for those intending to prepare for final formation for
First Communion or Confirmation:

We invite you to embrace the differences of this year, and we hope that you recognize that there is a gift to your family in this: the gift of more time spent together. We promise to not overwhelm you and your family in this task of helping your children to grow in faith. And if you do start to feel overwhelmed, please let us know! We will help you figure out how to make this program work for your family. 

Together in Christ, 
Julie Dilley & Madison Maholm 


If you have further questions, please contact Julie Dilley, Director of Religious Education here at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.