About BASE

BASE is an after school program for students attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help School.  We serve children in grades PreK-5th (ages 4-11 year old).  We strive to provide a faith based and nurturing environment.  We believe that the children need a balance of structure and freedom to wind down after a long day at school.  Our program offers homework assistance, snacks, outdoor/gross motor play and a variety of activities such as art, science experiments, games, building materials and more.  


We will provide a snack each day consisting of 2 food groups.  We will send home a snack calendar each month.  You may also send a healthy snack with your child if they do not prefer the snack we are providing.  

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday through Friday each day that school is in session.  Our hours begin after school until 5:30pm.  We have a possibility of opening on some school days off and breaks depending on interest.


Childcare fees for the BASE program are as follows:

  • $348 per month 
  • $17 additional fee per non-school day when BASE is available
  • $150 per week during Christmas and Spring breaks as available
  • 5% sibling discount

BASE tuition is paid through your FACTS tuition account.

Contact Us

Amanda Athey, Director

Tuition Questions