Holy Week and Easter 2021

It is Holy Week! We hope you will join us for the many opportunities we have available this week. Thankfully, we won’t have a repeat of last year, but this year will still look a bit different than pre-pandemic years.

*We are NOT requiring tickets or reservations for any of our Holy Week or Easter Liturgies!* Everyone is welcome; come celebrate the holiest week of the year with us!


Monday, March 29
Sacrament of Reconciliation 4-7 pm 

Wednesday, March 31
Sacrament of Reconciliation 7-8 pm 

Holy Thursday, April 1
Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7 pm*
The Church will be open for additional prayer and Adoration (without Exposition) following the Mass of the Lord’s Supper until 10 pm.

Good Friday, April 2
Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion 3 pm*
Stations of the Cross 7 pm*

Holy Saturday, April 3
Easter Vigil Mass 8 pm*

Easter Sunday, April 4
8 am, 10 am*, and noon Masses

*Indicates the service will also be live streamed and saved to our YouTube Channel.

Coronavirus Precautions

Every other pew in the Nave will still be blocked off for social distancing. Members of the same family/household can sit together, but please allow 6 feet of distance between households. Everyone over the age of 2 should wear a face covering over their mouth and nose, unless they have a medical condition that exempts them from doing so. Hand sanitizer stations are located at all main entrances and exits of the Church, and everyone should use them as they enter and leave the building. We also encourage everyone to bring personal hand sanitizer to use before receiving Communion. 

Overflow Seating

For all Masses, we will have the Life Center open and available for overflow seating. The Mass will be broadcast from the Nave, as we have done both in past years and for Sunday Masses since the pandemic began. 

Chairs for the Life Center will be on racks as you enter. Please grab enough for your family and place them on the lines marked on the floor. This will allow us to fit more people in each space overall while still maintaining appropriate social distance. Ushers will be available to help. Please leave your chairs in place after Mass is over, as this will allow them to be thoroughly sanitized before the next Mass. 

If you or a family member is able to stay for a few minutes after any Mass and help put chairs away, it would be greatly appreciated! It only takes a few minutes for the chairs to be sprayed with the fogger, and they can be put away quickly after they are sprayed, so volunteers wouldn’t have to stay more than 15-20 minutes. 

Communion will be distributed to all in attendance for Mass on campus, whether in the Nave or in the Life Center.


It is very likely that the 10 am Sunday Mass will be our most crowded Mass for Easter. We don’t anticipate running out of room, but we know that some people will prefer to attend a less-crowded Mass. Please know that if you are planning to attend the 10 am  Easter Sunday Mass, there is also a likelihood that you will not get a seat in the Nave simply due to the fact that there are less seats available this year due to Coronavirus precautions. We apologize that this is the case, but in order to keep everyone as safe as possible this is what we need to do.


Due to an overall decrease in Mass attendance this year, we don’t expect to have issues with parking. However, we ask that everyone have patience and flexibility, as we are all doing the best we can.


All choir members will be wearing masks and socially distanced from one another and the rest of the congregation. 

Quieting Room

The quieting room will continue to be closed.


Incense will be used at all Masses in the Nave, in a moderate and appropriate manner. If you are allergic or highly sensitive to incense, we suggest that you sit in the Life Center for Mass.


Everyone is welcome to take pictures in the Nave before or after Mass anytime during Holy Week or Easter, as long as it does not prohibit/delay disinfecting of the space for the next Mass. 

Specific Liturgy Information


If you were unable to join us in-person for Palm Sunday, you may still pick up palms in the Parish office from 8 am – 2 pm or in the gathering space before or after daily Mass all week. 

Missals and Worship Aids

Holy Thursday and Good Friday Liturgies will have printed worship aids, which will be available as you enter the Nave. All other liturgies, including Easter Masses, will use our rotating carts of missals. You can find more about our new, COVID-compliant missal cart system here


This year, we will be using a crotalus for Holy Thursday and Good Friday. A crotalus is a type of wooden clacker. Wooden Clackers are a replacement for altar bells and are used during the consecration of the bread and wine in liturgical service in the Easter Triduum services – on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. In traditional Catholic services, the last time the altar bells are rung before Easter is on the evening of Holy Thursday. In between then and the Easter Vigil, a wooden clacker is used. A wooden clacker, sometimes called a wooden clapper, serves the same function as the altar bells. The Latin term for this Lenten wooden clapper is Crotalus which originated from the Greek word “krotalon” which means “rattle”.

Holy Thursday

Due to Diocesan protocols for the COVID-19 pandemic, we may be utilizing the Tabernacle as the Altar of Repose this year. 

Good Friday

Veneration of the Cross will look slightly different this year. Instead of kissing or touching the cross, we invite you to simply bow or genuflect a short distance away in front of the cross. 

Easter Vigil

In order to keep proper social distancing, this year only the RCIA candidates and Catechumens will be allowed outside by the fire at the start of the liturgy. Everyone else will begin the liturgy inside, in the Nave. The clergy will have their microphones on, so everyone inside will still be able to hear the readings and prayers. 

The Easter Season

We understand that the ongoing pandemic will make attending Mass on the Vigil or on Easter Sunday unrealistic for some people, but we hope everyone will celebrate Easter liturgically in the way that they’re able. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray with us via live stream.
  • Attend another, less-populated, Mass during the Easter liturgical season (which ends with Pentecost on May 23). 
  • Pray a simple Liturgy of the Word at home. Read and discuss the readings for Easter Mass with your family. Pray for your family’s intentions. End with an Act of Spiritual Communion.
  • Pray the Liturgy of the Hours with your family. An app like iBreviary can walk you through the prayers.

Join us Online!

If you can’t join us in-person for our Holy Week or Easter Liturgies, join us online! Follow the links below to join the live streams of each of our liturgies. Links to the Worship Aid for each liturgy can be found in the YouTube description for each live stream. These liturgies will also be saved to our YouTube Channel for later viewing.


We wanted to remind you that the Dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still in effect, and that this includes the Holy Week and Easter liturgies. Therefore, if you or a member of your household is sick, has a fever, think you may have had exposure to COVID-19, are in quarantine, or are waiting on COVID-19 test results, we urge you to stay home and not attend Mass in person. 

We miss you all and we cannot wait for the day when we can all be together in person again!