COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Assistance Program

The purpose of this program is to lend assistance to individuals for registration to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and to arrange for transportation or in-home administration as needed.

The process for registering to receive the COVID-19 vaccination has been tedious at best for many people, even those who are relatively computer savvy. Considering that there are many people currently eligible for the vaccine in the 60 year old and up category (as of early March 2021) who may not have access to a computer or the internet, may not be adept at being able to access the appropriate websites to register for the vaccination or do not have any outside support (family/friends) to assist in the process, this program is being offered through Our Lady to help assure that they be vaccinated without undue delay.

Also, there are some individuals who do not have the necessary support network to help with transportation to and from the sites that are administering the vaccine and assistance can be provided to either transport these individuals directly or arrange for transport by other means.

For homebound individuals, a system will soon be available to have in-home administration of the vaccine and this can be arranged as needed.

To begin, please fill out the Intake form. For the convenience of our parishioners and those that care for them, we have made it available in multiple ways:

  • Paper copies are available in the Gathering Space. These can be turned into the Parish Office.
  • An online form is available below, which will be automatically submitted to our coordinators for this program.
  • You can call into the Parish Office. They will collect your name and phone number, and pass it on to the coordinators who will then call you back to get all of the appropriate information.
  • The form is also available here as a fillable PDF. Please email completed copies to [email protected], or they can be submitted to the parish office.

COVID-19 Vaccine Assistance

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