Festival News 07.18.2021

This weekend, in conjunction with the arrival of our new pastor, Fr. Joe Yokum, the pitch for the festival will become more visible, as well as vocal. He is not shy about asking for your help in making this event a wonderful parish activity, as well as rolling up his sleeves in lending a helping hand. In the gathering space, there will be festival volunteers staffing tables and having clipboards on which you sign up to volunteer in a particular area. You can also sign up on the parish website. It’s a special way to extend a spirit of hospitality to the Grove City Community 

Also, at the tables you will be able to turn in your raffle tickets that you should have received. There’s also a good supply of extra tickets that are yours for the asking. The first Early Bird drawing of $100 will take place Monday. 

In your festival packet there was a Sponsorship Brochure. There is still time to get on board as a sponsor at different levels. Thus far, we have received over $25,000 in sponsorship commitment. We are very grateful for their support that will make this event more presentable and contribute to its financial success. The list and level of sponsorship is as follows:

Premier & above Level: Knights of Columbus Council #4603, Anonymous, & Beulah Place

Diamond Level: Kimball Midwest

Platinum Level: Jan & Michael Baumann & Family

Gold Level: Dan & Trish Benedik, Frank Courtney & Peg Gill, Ernie & Mary Spahia Carducci, Mike & Kelli Lagando, Ron Sabatino, & Anonymous

Silver Level: Zamarelli’s Pizza Place, Schoedinger’s Grove City, & Caldwell Tax

Bronze Level: Kathleen Estep, Maeder Quint Tiberi Funeral Home, Kirk Williams Co.,Susan & Richard Jarden

Bench Sponsors: Planks of Broadway (2), Buckeye Cement Contractors, Westmoor Dental Center, & Belford Properties

Lastly, Silent Auction items are arriving, and a sample of them are on display. Tickets to sports and entertainment venues, like the new Columbus Crew stadium, or playing golf at the various courses in the area can be displayed separately, or items like gift cards can be packaged. There will be a great variety of items on display. 

The festival will be held on Friday, August 20, and Saturday, August 21, from 6pm to midnight. Come one, and come all! 

Help us at Christmas Mass!

Dear Our Lady Family,

We need your help! We have a great need for volunteers to help with our Christmas liturgies. If you are planning on coming to Christmas Mass in person, we urge you to consider serving in some capacity! We are especially in need of people in the following roles:


Welcome our parishioners and guests! Hospitality volunteers will serve as greeters and ushers, helping people to find an appropriate place to sit. If in the Life Center or school gym, you may help guests set up the appropriate amount of folding chairs for their party. Some volunteers may also help gather the offertory collection.


  • Be friendly and welcoming
  • Be willing to jump in and help with a variety of tasks
  • Arrive at least one hour before Mass begins

Eucharistic Ministers

Help distribute the Holy Body of Christ to the faithful at Communion. If you haven’t been previously trained as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, but are willing to attend a training early next week, just let us know!


  • Have received all of the sacraments of initiation (Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation)
  • Be a trained Eucharistic Minister OR let us know that you need to be trained. 
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before Mass begins

Live Stream

Run the YouTube Live Stream for our viewers at home! A training video is available, which you can watch from home. And you are welcome to come in and practice using the equipment before Christmas.


  • A general comfortability with computers. You don’t need to know any specific programs, as the ones we use are simple and user friendly. We will teach you what you need to know! 
  • A working knowledge of the Mass (important to know what is coming up to switch camera views, etc.)
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before Mass begins


Stay for just a few minutes after Mass is over to help sanitize the building! We have foggers which make the sanitization process very quick. You will either help spray down the pews/chairs and other surfaces with the fogger, or help put chairs away after they have been sprayed.


  • Stay 15-20 minutes after Mass ends
  • Be able to fold, lift, and stack folding chairs

Youth Altar Servers

We have a need for youth altar servers to join our liturgical team for the first time since the pandemic began! We especially need help at the 4 pm and 6 pm Masses.


  • Have received the sacraments of Baptism and First Reconciliation
  • Been previously trained as an altar server OR be willing to be trained before Christmas
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before Mass begins

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions please contact the Church Office at 614.875.3322.

We so appreciate the generosity of our parishioners in sharing their time and talents with us! We can’t wait to see many of you at Christmas, and know that we are praying for you all. We look forward to the day when we can all celebrate together in person again!

Help Needed!

As we prepare to return to Mass, we will be in need of lots of help! We will especially need volunteers for our Hospitality Team and our Sanitization Team.

The Hospitality Team will be responsible for opening and holding doors, helping to seat people, passing out masks and song sheets, holding the collection baskets, and directing the congregation for Holy Communion.

The Sanitization Team will clean the pews and other high-touch surfaces after each Mass.

If you are interested in volunteering for either of these teams, please contact John Moloci at 614.875.3322 or jmoloci@ourladyofperpetualhelp.net.