40 Days for Life

We are going all in, and you’re invited! With all of the attacks on the unborn from our culture, government, and the media, we can do something about it and NOT just be frustrated. The largest 40 Days for Life campaign EVER kicked off on September 22 in over 550 cities.

As division and anger fill our culture, what a joy to peacefully take the love and mercy of Jesus Christ to the front lines. 40 Days for Life has proven, campaign after campaign, to be a source of healing for so many who are abused, lonely, and feel they have no other option than to pay a doctor to end the life of their child.

This Fall, the vigil will be held at Planned Parenthood Surgical Abortion Clinic, 3255 E. Main Street, Columbus. Our parish has adopted Sunday, October 17, from 7 am to 7 pm for peaceful prayer at the clinic. Please consider praying outside the abortion clinic for an hour that day. Help to end abortion by adding to the 19,198 babies saved, 112 abortion facilities closed, and 221 abortion workers who have had a conversion and quit. Please join us and know that with God all things are possible­—even ending abortion.

A sign-up sheet is in the Parish Gathering Space. You can also sign up by contacting Stacey Belford at 614.554.0161 or stacey.belford42@gmail.com.