Holy Week and Easter Schedule

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Easter Survey! Our schedule for 2021 has been decided, and is available here:

Palm Sunday

Saturday, March 27 5 pm Vigil Mass*
Sunday, March 28 8:30 am* and 11:30 am Masses

Monday, March 29

Sacrament of Reconciliation 4-7 pm 

Wednesday, March 31

Sacrament of Reconciliation 7-8 pm 

Holy Thursday, April 1

Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7 pm*

Good Friday, April 2

Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion 3 pm*
Stations of the Cross 7 pm*

Holy Saturday, April 3

Easter Vigil Mass 8 pm*

Easter Sunday, April 4

8 am, 10 am*, and noon Masses

*Indicates the service will also be live streamed and saved to our YouTube Channel.

Stations of the Cross Tonight!

It’s Friday, and that means tonight is Stations of the Cross! Deacon Michael will be leading today. Stations begin at 7 pm in the Nave, or you can join us via live stream!

We hope you’ll join us! We will hold Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent, and we will live stream it as often as possible. May God bless your Lenten journey!

Stations of the Cross tonight!

Tonight, the Seven Sisters ministry will be leading our Stations of the Cross! Stations begin at 7 pm in the Nave, or you can join us via live stream!

We hope you’ll join us! We will hold Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent, and we will live stream it as often as possible. May God bless your Lenten journey!

Stations of the Cross Tonight!

Don’t forget! Stations of the Cross are this evening (and every Friday evening during Lent) at 7 pm in the Nave! Tonight, our Life Teen group will be leading the Stations with Jason Gale.

We will also be live streaming this event! Join us at https://bit.ly/OLPHSC022621

You can find a guide to the Stations at http://bit.ly/OLPHStationsGuide

Stations of the Cross

We will have Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent (February 19 – April 2) at 7 pm in the Church Nave! Please follow all coronavirus precautions: maintain social distancing and wear a face covering that goes over your mouth and nose.


February 19: Fr. Watson
February 26: Jason Gale & Life Teen
March 5: Seven Sisters Ministry
March 12: Deacon Michael
March 19: Scott Ewing & Choir
March 26: Msgr. Cody
April 2 (Good Friday): Andy Johns and Men’s Formation 

We will live stream the Stations of the Cross as often as we are able to get volunteers. Interested in helping? Email us at broadcast@ourladyofperpetualhelp.net.

Diocese to begin 40 Days of Adoration

Bishop Robert Brennan calls upon the Diocese of Columbus to celebrate Jesus Christ’s Real Presence in Eucharist in a special way this Lent. Starting on Ash Wednesday, February 17, the diocese will launch 40 Days of Adoration. Every day for 40 days, a different parish throughout the Diocese will host Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration throughout the day. Some of the hosting parishes will expose the Eucharist for 24 hours or longer. Others will expose the Blessed Sacrament after their morning Mass and conclude with Benediction in the evening. 

Parishioners and families of host parishes, neighboring parishes, and Catholic school communities are encouraged to volunteer for shifts to pray before the Blessed Sacrament on the parish’s designated day. Even though local parishes are sponsoring each day of Adoration, the entire Diocese of Columbus is asked to participate. An ancient custom from the church of Rome is to visit a different “stational church” each day of Lent. In the same manner, the people of the church of Columbus are invited to visit and spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist at as many different host parishes on their day of Adoration. The schedule of host parishes is available at right, and also at columbuscatholic.org/40days

Bishop Brennan invites everyone in the Diocese to a time of Adoration this Lent. “Our habit of adoring the Lord is so very appropriate. Remember at the Last Supper, the night before Jesus died, what did he say?” asked Bishop Brennan. “He brought his disciples in the garden and he said to them. ‘Stay with me. Pray with me.‘ That’s what Jesus is inviting us into during Adoration. When we’re in front of the Blessed Sacrament we experience the Lord’s presence in a very profound way. To me, that is what I enjoy most about Adoration – having that moment to simply pour out my heart and maybe say nothing, but just be there with the Lord as a friend.” 

The reason for this Lenten 40 Days of Adoration campaign is twofold. First, emerging from the COVID pandemic, it is fitting to celebrate the great gift of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Many have not yet returned from the temporary halt to public Masses and from the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass. This special time of Adoration is an invitation for all Catholics to remember the centrality of Christ’s Real Presence. “There are times where we have Adoration through Exposition when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a monstrance so that we can focus even more sharply on the presence of the Lord in the Eucharist. You see, it’s important simply to be with the Lord,” said Bishop Brennan. 

The second reason for the Lenten 40 Days of Adoration throughout the Diocese is to prepare for planning for the future presence of the Church and her mission to evangelize the local community. Bishop Brennan’s stated goal for Diocesan Planning is to “build belief and reliance on the Eucharist through opportunities for Adoration, Confession, and a return to public worship” and to “engage all individual Catholics to reflect upon the Real Presence of the Lord in their lives and how they can share that presence with others.” For more information, please visit columbuscatholic.org/40days.

You can find an Adoration Guide here!

Lenten Food Pantry Collection

Each year during the Lenten season our parish has collected food to help keep the shelves of the Grove City Food Pantry filled.  The collection has been designated as “Feed the Poor.”  Paper bags with a list of needed items attached will be available in the Gathering Space beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 17.  The food collection will end on Palm Sunday, March 28.

The following items are needed by the pantry at this time.

  • 4 Tuna Helper
  • 1 Box Mashed Potatoes
  • 1 Box Scalloped Potatoes
  • 2 Corn Muffin Mix
  • 2 Stuffing Mix
  • 2 Cans of Chili (15 oz.)
  • 1 Can of Pineapple (20 oz.)
  • 1 Can of Fruit – your choice – (15 oz.)
  • 1 Box of Instant Rice
  • 1 Deodorant

Some items may be on sale.  You may fill as many bags as you wish or you may purchase only a portion of the items on the list.  All donations are appreciated.  You may return the filled bags to the Parish Life Center for pick-up by Food Pantry personnel.

If you would rather make a monetary donation, you may write a check payable to the Grove City Food Pantry/Emergency Fund and place it in an envelope marked “Grove City Food Pantry” and put in the collection boxes at the entrances to the Nave or send it to the parish office.  You can also contribute on-line via REALM.  In many instances the pantry can purchase food items at reduced prices so monetary donations are quite beneficial.

Anyone (even those without a REALM account) may use the link below to donate online—simply choose “Grove City Pantry” as the Fund.

We hope that our parish families will make this a Lenten project.  Let us also continue to pray for those who receive these donations.

Also if you may be interested in volunteering at the Pantry, please contact: manager@grovecityfoodpantry.org.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is February, 17! We will have Masses at 8:30 am and 7 pm. The 8:30 am Mass will be live streamed and saved to our YouTube Channel so that viewers at home will have a Mass available all day to pray at their convenience.

Distribution of Ashes in a pandemic

This year, due to COVID-19, parishioners may receive ashes in a different way. The manner in which non-English speaking countries receive ashes is by having them sprinkled on the crown of their heads. Sprinkling ashes on the crown of the head recalls the biblical method of putting on sackcloth and ashes as a sign of penance: “Now on the twenty-fourth day of this month the people of Israel were assembled with fasting and in sackcloth, and with earth upon their heads” (Neh 9:1). The American method of putting ashes on the forehead, usually in the Sign of the Cross, allows the ashes to be visible to others so that the communal, penitential nature of the day might be more readily visible. As ashes will be distributed by the manner of sprinkling, there are some things that one should be aware. First, when receiving ashes, simply bow your head. Second, since ashes may fall off of your head, it may be best to wear something that will not show the dark ashes. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your parish or the Diocesan Office for Divine Worship.