Disciple Maker Survey is Live!

Posted On: Wednesday, February 24, 12:41 pm

Diocesan Survey is now Live

Our Lady of Perpetual Help will be participating in the diocesan-wide Disciple Maker Index (DMI) Survey between now and March 22. This nationally-recognized survey has been administered at parishes around the United States and Canada since 2013. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, as part of the Diocese of Columbus Real Presence Real Future planning process, will participate in this survey during Lent. The results from our parish survey will not only be used for information and planning for our own parish, but will also be included in the national results which track trends, growth and Church-related opportunities nationwide. You can take the survey online at www.catholicleaders.org/columbusdmi or via a paper copy available in the Gathering Space through March 22. This is an exciting opportunity for our parish, and I hope you will participate!

The DMI survey was developed by the Catholic Leadership Institute in conjunction with advising US bishops and Catholic lay leaders in 2013. The DMI Survey was created as a tool to help more Catholics to grow along their faith journey with Christ and to become more engaged in the community life of the parish. The DMI Survey seeks to provide parishioners an opportunity to reflect on their spiritual growth as well as provide parish leadership with invaluable insights regarding a parish’s strengths and opportunities.

By Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish participating in this survey, the results will provide meaningful input about our parish as we begin our own planning process as part of Real Presence Real Future. The information from the DMI Survey will give insight into our priorities and into the allocation and realignment of resources over the next few years as our parish strives to more effectively help parishioners along their personal journey of faith.

“Our goal is to identify the needs of our diocese for the 21st Century and how we meet those needs, and to expand Catholic presence to all our people. We want to make the presence of the Lord, the experience of the Sacraments, the encounter with Christ—we want to make that more available to people.”

Most Rev. Robert J. Brennan, Twelfth Bishop of Columbus