New Website!

Posted On: Thursday, April 2, 6:43 am

Since, you’re here, you’ve noticed that have a new website!

Many of you have heard that we have been working on a total redesign for our websites (Church and School). We decided to launch a “Preview” site early so that we can communicate better during this time when comprehensive and clear communication is so critical. 

Please take note that this is indeed a very limited version of our new sites, and it does not have all of the information that will be pertinent when public Masses are reinstated, school opens back up, and we may once again gather together in person. However, in launching the preview sites we will be able to utilize features on our new platform that will make it much easier both for our staff and for you, our parish family, to connect and communicate. We will continue to work on the rest of the pages and information in the background, and launch the “Full” sites in a few months when it is relevant to do so. 

Our main URL has also changed! We know that “” is extremely long, so we are changed our main website address to “” The school’s main url is Our old URLs will still redirect to our new sites, however, so if you forget about the change you will still get to the right place!

We hope you are excited about these changes! We certainly are, and we look forward to continuing to find the best ways to connect with all of you. God bless you all, and stay safe!