New Votive Candle Stand

Posted On: Thursday, February 4, 2:16 pm

If you were at Mass this past weekend, you may have noticed that we have a new votive candle stand! It has been installed in front of the Our Lady of the Streets statue, to the left of the sanctuary. This stand contains 40 3-day votives. Prior to the pandemic, parishioners frequently lamented that all of the candles in our stands had been lit prior to the noon Mass. With this new stand, the number of votive candles at Our Lady will expand from 48 candles to 88 candles. It is our hope that the new candle stand will provide parishioners that are interested in offering their own prayerful vigil an opportunity to do so, regardless of which Mass they attend.

The two previous candle stands have returned to the relic room in the back of the Nave. One is located below the icon of Mary and the other is below the icon of Joseph. Long-time parishioners might remember that these two candle stands began their vigil below Mary and Joseph when the church was dedicated.

If you light a candle in the new stand, the suggested donation is $2, which is what each candle costs us to replace. The suggested donation for our old votive candles is $2.50, as those are 5-day votives and are therefore larger and more costly to replace.