Missals back in Church

Posted On: Saturday, March 6, 6:18 pm

In an effort to take another step toward “normalcy,” we will be introducing missals back into church beginning next weekend (March 13 & 14). We will do this in accordance with all current CDC guidelines, which means we will not be able to keep them in the pews as we had before the pandemic. The latest CDC guidelines state that it is acceptable to share books that have sat “dormant” for 72 hours between uses by different individuals, as the COVID-19 virus cannot survive that long on surfaces. Therefore, we will be introducing a cart system with dedicated books for each Mass. 

Here’s how it will work:

Our fantastic facilities team has obtained carts that they have clearly marked for each Mass. They will divide up the missals onto each cart. Before each Mass, the appropriate cart(s) will be pulled out of storage by designated volunteers and set at the entrance of the Nave. Parishioners should pick up a missal on their way into Mass. Please refer to the hymn board above the choir area for where to find readings and hymns at Mass.

After Mass, parishioners should place the missals back onto the cart(s) as they leave. These carts will be moved to storage and allowed to sit for the required 72 hours before they are handled again. Designated personnel will then pull out the appropriate cart(s) full of “fresh” missals for the next Mass. 

We will also reserve a small number of missals for use at Daily Mass. These will also be on a rotational system as described above, and designated staff will ensure that they sit for the required 72 hours before they are handled again. 

Because we will have missals available at Mass once again, we will no longer print the worship aid in the bulletin beginning the weekend of March 13 & 14. However, an online worship aid will still be available for our live stream viewers and on our website. 

We appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we continue to navigate through this pandemic and make efforts to return to normal as it becomes appropriate. And as always, we pray that everyone stays safe and healthy!