Mass Protocols Update

Posted On: Friday, June 26, 8:15 pm

Mass Protocols Announcement

In an effort to take a small step toward restoring normalcy in our liturgy, we will be moving the distribution of communion back to its usual place in the Mass, after the consecration. However, everyone will continue to receive through the center aisle with the ushers releasing sections. This change is effective immediately. 

Because of this, you will no longer have to exit through the side doors after Mass. You may exit through the Gathering Space, but please try to keep space from one another as you exit your pews and walk out of church. We do ask everyone to clear the nave at the end of Mass to allow for thorough disinfection/sanitation of the space, and to refrain from congregating in the Gathering Space so that social distancing may still be observed.

All other coronavirus precautions will remain in place. We will not have the sign of peace or prayer partners. We ask that everyone continue to wear masks, and we strongly encourage everyone to receive communion on the hand. The taped crosses will remain on the floor and we ask that you continue to use these to distance yourselves when waiting to receive communion. You can see the entire explanation of all of our coronavirus precautions here. If a guideline is not changed in this notice, it remains the same as stated in the link.

We will continue to monitor infection rates, and follow the guidelines of our diocese and government. If needed we will return to distributing Communion at the end of Mass, after the closing prayer. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.