Join us for Mass! 8.30.30

Posted On: Saturday, August 29, 12:57 pm

If you are unable to join us in person for Mass this weekend, we invite you to join us online! We will be live streaming the 8:30 am Sunday Mass on August 30. You can join the live stream below. It will also be saved to our Youtube Channel for later viewing.

The Worship Aid with songs and readings is available in the bulletin or separately here. 

The bulletin for this weekend can be found at this page. 

PSR Registration Closes August 31

Just a few more days remain to sign up for Faith Formation! This year our goal is to support you as the primary teachers of the faith. Each quarter you will provided resources to help your entire family grow in your faith together. We do not want to add ONE MORE THING to your overflowing plate of things that have to be done each. Instead our focus is on giving you the gift of time together with your children, integrating the faith into your everyday lives. 

BAA/OLA Update

We have surpassed our parish goal for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal! Now, 100% of gifts above our BAA goal will come straight back to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, tax-free, toward the Our Lady Appeal. A huge thank you to all who have submitted their pledges! 

This year’s OLA will focus on replacing some of our HVAC units for the church building—one unit costs about $82,000. Any additional funds are planned to go toward audio-visual equipment (such as high-quality video cameras and sound recording tools), which will help us to adapt to some of the more permanent effects of the Coronavirus outbreak and reach our parishioners in new, exciting ways.  

So if you haven’t pledged yet, now is the time to do so!