Introducing: Our new Director of Sacred Music

Posted On: Saturday, August 28, 12:01 am

This weekend, I am happy to announce that I have hired a new Director of Sacred Music for Our Lady. Her name is Jordan Werring. She comes to us from the Scioto Catholic Consortium, where I was pastor before I moved to Our Lady. The Director of Sacred Music is a very important position in our parish. She will oversee, research, direct and administer all music ministries of the parish including: children’s choir, cantors, traditional adult choir, folk choir, bell choir, and school liturgies. What I look forward to most is her desire to mentor our young people in our parish. Over the years, we, the Church, have not done a great job, on the whole, at mentoring our young people, and we see the result of that in parish life and parish ministries. 

I think I can sum up Jordan’s philosophy on music from the Vigil Project, “Music opens our hearts to experience God’s love and moves us to new depths of devotion…From the beginning, music has played a central role in Christian prayer – in helping man pray from the heart and grow in deeper relationship with God. From Liturgy, to prayerful devotion, to all the moments of our Christian lives that are lived beyond the doors of the church building, music is a language that permeates the whole of our existence, raising our gaze to the Transcendent.” (

Please join me in welcoming Jordan, as she begins a new chapter in her life at Our Lady. She will begin on September 1.

-Fr. Joe 


My name is Jordan Werring, and I am excited to be joining the community at Our Lady. 

I’m originally from southern Ohio (Adams County) and grew up on a family farm. I am the eldest of four, and my parents still reside on that family farm. All of my siblings are musical, however, I am the only one who has pursued this professionally. Thank the Lord for my wonderfully supportive parents!

Musically, I started playing for the Liturgy in my junior-high-school days, and have been ever since! All told, that’s approximately twenty years of playing for the Mass, and I have been blessed during that time to have had a variety of musical experiences within the Church. Some of those include: Being the Music Coordinator at the Adams County consortium (Archdiocese of Cincinnati), Music Director at Christ the King (Columbus Diocese), and most recently, the Consortium Director of Sacred Music at Scioto Catholic consortium (Columbus Diocese). Between all of these, I have played in various parishes across the Columbus and Cincinnati diocese, and have also owned my private music teaching studio. I have earned my Bachelors in Music from Capital University’s Conservatory of Music, and am currently in graduate studies in Catholic Theology from Franciscan University at Steubenville. 

Fr. Joe summarized my personal philosophy regarding music up above so well, I only wish to add one more note: That my musical philosophy also includes walking that spiritual journey with people. This is probably my favorite part of my role, which is helping people grow in their relationship to Christ and His Church. Within the scope of what I do, I use music as the means, as the “tool” to facilitate this growing relationship. Everything that we do musically within the Church is a continual offering of our gifts back to the Lord and giving Him the praise for all that He continues to do within our lives. While we aim for musical beauty within the Liturgy, this does not matter if our hearts and souls are not in the right place. I am looking forward to engaging the community of Our Lady in musical praise of our God! 

Though I love what I do, some other things that I enjoy outside of my role in parish ministry are gardening, baking/cooking, and hanging out with friends and family while sampling delicious bourbon or cocktails. If you have a great recipe to share, I’m always interested! 

I look forward to meeting you all and serving the community of Our Lady. Please know of my prayers for you all!