Grove City prayer

Posted On: Tuesday, June 16, 9:59 pm

Join the Churches of Grove City tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 17) for an evening of unity in prayer and gathering to demonstrate support for racial reconciliation, unity and peace, and for law enforcement.

It’s our desire as followers of Christ to build bridges and to help foster a spirit of peace and to help ensure that justice is guaranteed for every person. We know the power of prayer and unity, especially when churches gather together.

Feel free to join us, to bring posters in support of peace, black lives, unity, law enforcement but most of all come prepared to pray!

We will gather Beginning at 6:30 at the open field East if the old library on 3360 Park Street, you can park at Park St Intermediate School. Or in the Public Park near the Old Library or around Town Center.

We will stage in the Open Field between 6:30 and 7pm, we will begin promptly at 7pm and will march up Park Street to Town Center, we will gather in Town Center and have a Rally which will include Prayer, Worship and Scripture reading… we will then march back past the Grove City Police Station and we will stop and pray for Law Enforcement.